Thursday, December 20, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 301 december 19 :: Letters to Sabrina

Dear Sabrina...all the things that remind me of you.

from Grandma Karan

photo of the day:  presents from Grandma Karan

Writing letters has become somewhat of a lost art.  Gone are the days when the only way to communicate with faraway loved ones was long narratives sent by the postal service.  Depending on the mode of travel, some news may take months to arrive.  Now we can keep up on all the latest with a few key strokes and a click.  But today, I find myself writing to someone who is not so accessible.

What do you say to a granddaughter you never held, or hugged, or kissed.  Who is a sad memory of a Christmas Eve as you listened to her mother, your beloved daughter's cries.  A grandmother who has felt that same piercing loss of a child.  What do you say?

Perhaps you tell her that this is your favorite time of the year, when giving becomes part of the atmosphere.  When despite the hectic pace of modern life, an individual will smile and wish you a "Merry Christmas".  That you always think of her, especially during this season.  That you cry and feel sad.  Yet despite the sadness, I want to thank her for her gift, the gift of compassion, of empathy and of learning to share loss.  

Because of you Sabrina, those who waited for your arrival, have learned to cry with those who cry.  This is an invaluable gift and only a special few individuals can give this.  

You have left us with an incredible legacy. Thank you, Sabrina.  And I trust in my heart that you are enjoying time with your Aunt Mary Margaret and Great-grandma Baker.  

Much love always,
Grandma Karan  

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