Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mission Impossible Piano Recital



This year's recital was themed Mission Impossible and the kids loved it!  They played spy themed music and wore costumes.  I loved the pink panther.  The performances were fantastic and Brooke outdid herself as always, making it a night for the kids to remember. I was so proud Abigail and Ethan!  They make the cutest little agents.   


Wedding Photo Shoot :: B + K

I was so honored to shoot as a back up photographer with one of my dearest friends, andi mae photography.  She is a huge inspiration to me and I was delighted to work along side her.  B + K's wedding was beautiful and full of love.  Their wedding day included lots of heartfelt prayers, tears, and laughter.  It was a joy to watch this day from behind my lens.  Here is a sneak peek of their day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013