Friday, August 31, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 191 august 31 :: Vintage Bates Girls Part 1

My girls dressed in vintage dresses for these photos.  My Mom was so amazing to bring several beautiful dresses for me when she came for Charlotte's birth.  A few of them came from my thrifting adventures as well.   

I had such a hard time narrowing down the photos that I decided to post them in a four part series.  Enjoy.

photo of the day:  vintage dresses and yellow flowers


Thursday, August 30, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 190 august 30

photo of the day:  LOVE (wood tiles by thewoodsmanshop)

Thrifty Thursdays :: August Part 2


crates from a grocery store in the 50s  $10
Abigail loves that these are the same kind of crates Kit, an American girl, used for a scooter to deliver eggs
I've been waiting for this find...a globe $3
set of pillows $12

lovely chair $10...all from our neighbor's garage sale

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 189 august 29

Abraham's woodwork 
The Woodsman Shop ::  Reclaimed, Hand Painted, Wood Tiles

my crafting
gracie girl shop ::  felted flower barrettes and head-bands

we will be launching these two on Etsy soon...

photo of the day:  gracie girl

Monday, August 27, 2012

High School Photo Shoot :: Mitch

I had my first opportunity taking photos of a high schooler and it was so much fun.  We started out in the Pearl and found some great textures for backdrops. My favorite photos were from the train setting.  Mitch is entering his sophomore year and takes lessons from our amazing piano teacher Miss Brooke.  Here is a sneak peek from our session.

365 Photo Project :: day 187 august 27

photo of the day:  high school photo shoot

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 185 august 25

Charlotte's One Month Photos  ::

I'm a little late in taking these shots of Charlotte's one month photo.  She's actually six weeks old!  

Charlotte you have filled our lives with so much joy.  You are precious beyond our hopes.  You have such a gentle sweet spirit.  Abigail calls you "Strawberry."  Sophia has taken to calling you by your nickname, and it brings a big smile to me to hear Sophia say "Oh Strawberry Honey,"while patting your back.  It is just the cutest.  I call you Gracie Girl.  We love you baby.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 184 august 24

A few painting projects

I'm excited to have the garden house door painted.  I've been wanting to paint this since last summer.  I love the door in red.  I also painted a stool a creamy white and a cradle  in yellow.  

photo of the day:  garden house
I finally painted the door red!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 183 august 23

photo of the day:  coffee cup

Thrifty Thursdays :: August


set of four cups and plates 50 cents each
(these match our dinner plates)
an old bingo spinner $1
(I love this...any ideas of what to do with it?
I thought it would be fun to write down favorite memories from the year
to read as a family at the New Year.)

Sesame Street Fisher Price House $1.50

Two more Redwall book:  Mariel of Redwall and Outcast of Redwall $4.99 each
 (Our collection is growing.  Abraham is reading this series to the kids)

Two metal baskets $1 & $4
(I purchased these to display the flower barrettes and head bands I'm making.)

Little House Books $2.99 each
(A Christmas gift for Abigail)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School :: Lucy

I had so much fun taking photos of this five year old girl!  Lucy is full of personality and loved being in front of the camera.  She brightened my day with her big smile and silly personality.