Sunday, December 9, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 291 december 9 :: Letters to Sabrina

Dear Sabrina...all the things that remind me of you.

OHANA hawaiian food

Late Christmas morning, we left the hospital to return home.  My body was sore from laboring and our hearts were broken.  As I sat in the wheelchair by the front doors with Ethan and Abbey piled on my lap, Abraham retrieving the car, people coming and going wishing us a "Merry Christmas!"  I couldn't feel the holiday cheer leaving you my sweet baby swaddled in your pink ballerina blanket.  Leaving you that morning was one of the hardest moment of my life.  Everything felt empty.  I thought today is not Christmas morning with a new baby born but rather Good Friday with death at the door.  

We arrived home to a house ready to celebrate, yet all of the festivities would have to wait for another year.  The stockings hung empty, like our hearts.  The presents went unopened, the food unprepared.  And then we were served.  

God spoke a word to our neighbors.  Matt and Sandie knew that there was something God was asking them to do, but they didn't know what.  They kept asking God, "What is it God?  What should we be ready for this season?"  But he didn't answer.  So they waited with their hearts ready to serve.  

And then their answer came as we arrived home wrapped in grief.  As families all around enjoyed their festivities that night Matt delivered a meal.  The food was a gift of love that our family needed.  It spoke to our hearts and gave us comfort as we grieved for you, our baby girl.  

Their gracious and generous hearts blessed our family again by catering your memorial service.  This gift was huge!  As friends and family gathered to lay you to rest, we shared a hawaiian meal.  When I taste OHANA Hawaiian food I think of the love that was shown to us on that quiet Christmas day. 

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  1. Nancy, thank you for sharing. Thanks be to God who allows us to do these things in love. I could feel yourpain as I was reading this and I can only imagine that it doesn't get easier with every Christmas. But I know God will heal your heart in time. We love you all so much.