Friday, November 16, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 268 november 16

Charlotte's Four Month Photos  ::

This time with you has gone way too quickly!  It is amazing how much you have changed in just a few months. I love the way you talk to me and your laughs are just so amazing.  Your favorite is Abigail.  If she is in the room, you brighten up.  You love to talk to her and she is trying to teach you how to crawl, which delights you.  Sophia adores you and I often find her playing next to you or reading you books.  She even begged to have you come to the attic to play with her.  I love seeing your siblings welcome you into the family.  Ethan is very protective of you and sits with you in the car while mommy takes Sophia in.

You brighten my days and nights oh my sweet Gracie Girl!

photo of the day:  Charlotte four months old!

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