Thursday, June 28, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 127 june 27

Commentary:  Picnic in Sellwood park

We finally had a sunny day on Wednesday and sought to enjoy every moment of the sun!  The day started off with cooking banana muffins and enjoying a visit from Phoenix friend (whom we all agree should join the Bates family).  Then we discovered a new park in North Portland, McCoy park.  The kids loved the big spider web and the water feature.  Abigail and Ethan filled their afternoon with painting birds with crayons and watercolors while Sophia and I had some rest-time.  A picnic dinner was packed with Summer Celebration Pasta (which is my go to recipe in the summer and includes any fresh ingredients I decide to throw into pasta:  tonights ingredients-ham, mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and black olives with a garlic parmesan dressing).  We picked up Abbey's sweet friend and headed to Sellwood park for our dinner and then splashed, kicked, and swam in Sellwood's lovely outdoor pool.  Yes it was a fun-filled Wednesday!  And to top it off my dearest friend and I were able to catch up on the phone.   

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