Friday, June 8, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 102 june 2 :: Sophia moves to the Attic

Sophia moves to a big girl bed!

I've been nesting all week.  Abraham thinks I'm crazy, but as this is my fifth pregnancy, he knows it is to be expected.  

while pregnant  ::

with Abigail~ I decided around 10 at night that we needed to empty all of the cupboards in the kitchen so we could wipe them down and organize.  Abraham came home from a long shift at work to help me.  He also rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned all of the carpets!  What a man.

with Ethan~ I couldn't stop cooking.  We filled our freezer and a friends freezer with enough frozen lasagna, manicotti, and enchiladas to last us months!

with Sabrina~ I painted the attic (with the windows open)...trim, ceiling, and walls!

with Sophia~  I reorganized the entire house.

with Charlotte~  I'm once again in my OCD cleaning and organizing mode, starting with storage, moving on to the basement, closets drawers, and the attic.

I decided it was time to move Sophia out of her crib and into a big girl bed. Abigail helped me go through all of her and Ethan's room and get rid of toys and clothes they no longer wanted and reorganize.  We cleared out under her bed to make room for a trundle bed for Sophia.  We love our attic space, but I have to be resourceful as there are no closets.  There are two storage area we use for toys and a closet/American girl area.  I gave the girls matching bedding for Christmas and they've been waiting to make the transition to use their new bedding. This was all very exciting for the kids!  And Sophia is now sleeping in the Attic!   

Here are some photos of Abigail, Ethan, and Sophia's room:

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