Friday, May 25, 2012

365 Photo Project :: day 94 may 25

Charlotte Grace

Charlotte means petite and feminine

Grace means God's favor

One night, sitting around the dinner table, we discussed possible names for the baby.  "What do you think about Charlotte for a girl," I asked.  Everyone agreed we like Charlotte and that was her name from that point on.  I tried to offer other names:  Amelia, Caroline, Morgan...but "No," the kids would say, "Her name is Charlotte, Charlotte Grace!"  

I've always loved the name Grace.  Little Charlotte is already that.  She is God's amazing gift of grace to our lives.  I already think of her as my Gracie.   

If we had a boy, his name would be Benjamin Elliot.  We've been holding onto this name since Sabrina.  Benjamin is after Abraham's twin brother and I've always loved the name Elliot.  

However...Charlotte it is!      

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