Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursdays :: April

Join me on Thursdays to see what I've picked up while out treasure hunting.

I love to take Sophia thrifting, while the older two are at school.  Today the rain came down as we drove to 82nd street and the line of shops.  

Sophia is a great little shopper!  She's really starting to talk and exclaimed, "I don't want it." when we left the first store empty handed.  She also declared, "Phia's purse, no mommy's purse!"  I love the way she brings smiles to the strangers we meet.  She is my little sunshine on a rainy day.

and here is what we found...    

I was immediately drawn to this wood chair with a leather seat $5

found the last one and our collection is complete $1

cute little foldable binoculars $2
beautiful leather purse $20

little doll bed $2...I'm thinking this could be painted and used for newborn photos

stack of seven playskool puzzles $2

large clip board $4.99...(I love this Nikki Mcclure print, looking forward camping this summer)

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