Monday, April 30, 2012

Abigail and Around the World Piano Recital


Around the World

Students performed music from around the globe:  Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Liberia, Egypt, Israel, Iran, India, China, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, France, England, Ireland, and Spain.  

I loved all the details Brooke put into the recital and it was so fun to watch my oldest participate!  This has been a great first year for Abigail studying under Miss Brooke.  She is a gifted teacher and really gives her all.  

Preparing for the Recital:  lessons
Monday afternoon lesson with Miss Brooke

practicing on stage

The big day:  Sunday April 29 cute
Opening Ceremony: flags from around the world
Ms. Godfrey (Abigail's teacher from Kindergarten) entertaining Sophia with her jewelry 
Abigail Bates performing Chinese Painting

an Irish Jig

Brooke Baker performing (along with Dana Green) Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2...amazing!

Concessions served by the cutest little stewardess 
all of the students received personalized baggage at the end of the show
Abigail was delighted by her fortune!
fabulous performance!

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