Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ten on Ten :: March 2012

8:00 am - We listened to a Frank Sinatra record this morning as we ate breakfast sausage sandwiches.

9:00 am - Abigail made these binoculars out of legos

10:00 am - Premarital Counseling session 

11:00 am - Abigail and Ethan created books using lines in their drawings during our session.  After the young couple left Abigail read us her story in delight.

12:00 pm - lunch time: left over Broccoli and Chicken Pasta Salad...yum!

1:00 pm - Ethan was mesmerized by the "mountain" of flour, while I was making bread dough.

2:00 pm - We ventured out for a walk in the rain.  Ethan getting some dad time.

3:00 pm - On the way back from our walk, Abigail and "Bowie", her beloved tiger 

4:00 pm - After our walk we all piled into the garden house and read.  I'm reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and taking notes!

5:00 pm - Fresh homemade bread sliced and ready to be made into grilled turkey, bacon, cheddar sandwiches served with roasted red pepper tomato soup.

ten on ten button smallThis was my first ten on ten and it won't be the last.  I had so much fun capturing the entire day and it fits right in with my 365 goal this year.  


  1. The photo of your daughter is so cute. And that fresh baked bread looks delicious. Great set!

  2. Beautiful shots of your day!

  3. Oh, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE seeing these glimpses into your days! It is such a blessing, dear friend! Of course, it makes me miss you all the more, but a blessing just the same :)

    You have a beautiful heart, Nancy and I am so excited that other people will get the chance to see it now through your blog! Love you!

  4. I love your photos. The bread looks really good.


  5. So very happy that you have started this beautiful blog! You have such an amazing heart + eye sweet Nancy! Loving all your pictures! They are wonderful peeks into your beautiful home, family and life. xo